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Solartrim red


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Glossy, sticky-back trim film, supplied on a paper support sheet. Very thin and flexible. Used for colour decoration on film covered models. Can be cut out to make lettering, insignia etc. Best results are if applied to a smooth surface. Does not adhere properly to rough or textured surface e.g. Solartex. Can be moulded round wingtips and domed shapes by heating and stretching like Solarfilm. The required letters or shapes are drawn on the back of the support paper and cut out. The Solartrim shape is then peeled off the paper and smoothed into position. Large or complex shapes are best applied 'wet' i.e. peeled off the paper under soapy water in a bowl and the Solartrim lifted out of the water, placed on the surface and slid into the correct position. Surplus water is squegeed away with a tissue. Roll size 0.9m. by 0.33m. wide.


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Solartrim red

Solartrim red