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Lipo Tresor RO safe small


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robbe LiPo safes are designed to protect your LiPo battery against externalinfluences during transport and storage. They should avoid damaging the battery, for example, from improper moving in a car (slip during braking against sharp objects) or by an open storage in the hobby room (or similar damage to the battery casing through tools) can occur.

Features and Characteristics
fire-proof and water resistant
resistant until 840 C - at least 30 minutes
water resistant even when completely under water
safe storage and transport of LiPo-batterys
practical carrying handle
Clamp lock with 2 keys

Technical data
outside meausures: 15,5 x 35,4 x 28,3 cm (HxBxT)
inside meausures: 9,4 x 28,8 x 18,0 cm (HxBxT)
Weight: 6,60 kg


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Lipo Tresor RO safe small

Lipo Tresor RO safe small

veiligheids koffer voor lipo's