RO Control 6-80 2-6S 80(100)A Bekijk groter

RO Control 6-80 2-6S 80(100)A


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The ROBBE rocontrol ESC series has been specially developed for airplanes. This serie covers a wide range from 12A to 130A. The ROBBE rocontrol series is suitable for beginners and advanced pilots.


•5V/5A Switch BEC
•The throttle path can be calibrated.
•Various programming options are available: with the remote control stick or with the LED Program Card. This means that the controller can be programmed anywhere.
•Compatible with LiPo and NiMH batteries
•Timing can be changed to run compatible with different brushless motors

Technical Data: 
Number of cells: 2-6 Lipo 
Load current: 80 A 
Short-term voltage: 100 A 
BEC: 5V/5A
Measures: 86/38/12mm
Weight: 80 g 
Typ: Brushless


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RO Control 6-80 2-6S 80(100)A

RO Control 6-80 2-6S 80(100)A

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