Pichler boost 35 V2 Motor brushless
  • Pichler boost 35 V2 Motor brushless

Pichler boost 35 V2 Motor brushless

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Combo Set Boost Brushless Motor + Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) + Programming card = approx. 10% price advantage for you

High Quality Brushless Motor BLDC (Outrunner) for model airplanes. The BOOST motor series is the result of our over 15 years of experience in developing modern elektric power sets.

* Premium Craftmanship
* Perfect ventilation for the whole motor
* Only the best materials are used for production
* High temperature resistant Neodym Magnets
* Oversized large ball bearings (3 ball bearings total)

Ideal for - Model flying weight
- 3D Aerobatic airplanes up to 1000g
- Aerobatic airplanes up to 1400g
- Trainer models up to 1800g
- Gliders up to 2000g

- BOOST 25 Brushless Motor
- Machined Alumiunm mounting cross
- Prop adatpers front and rear
- Bits and Screws
- Manual German/Englisch


Shaft Diameter   

No. of LiPo Cells   
3 - 4 Zellen

KV / Revs per Volt   
1130 U/Min-1 (KV)

Max. Power Load / 30s   

Brushless Speed Controller (recommended)   
PICHLER XQ-50, # C3055

Propeller (rec.)   
11x7, 12x6 @ 3S LiPo (11,1V)
10x6, 11x5 @ 4S LiPo (14,8V)

LiPo battery (rec.)   
LEMONRC 3300-11,1V, # C9473
LEMONRC 3300-14,8V, # C9474

Attention: Smaller propellers and multi blade props can be used other than mentioned. Also, batteries with different capacities can be used according to your needs. Please always make sure, the maxium power load (A) will not be exceeded. We highly recommend you to monitor the power using our POWER WATTS 150, Order N. C7282. This device should be always at
your hands.