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FMS Glider 1500mm MOA PNP kit w/ reflex system

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compleet met servo's motor regelaar en gyro

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Minimoa is a famous german glider of the 30th. FMS recreate this beauty as a PNP kit with 1500 mm wingspan.

As the newest addition to the FMS line, with a wingspan of 1500mm, this mid-sized glider is ideal for both beginning and advanced fliers.  This plane comes with four installed servos, a 20 Amp ESC, and a brushless motor. The gentle flying characteristics, from low to high speeds, and the added advantage of a landing wheel, to help protect the foam, makes it a perfect choice for everyone. Simple construction makes assembly quick and easy, so you can get flying faster!

Wingspan 1500mm/59in
Overall Length 855mm/33.7 in
Flying Weight Around 627g (1.38 lb)
Motor Size 2408 KV1700
Servo 9g Servo x 4
Radio 4 Channel
CG (center of gravity) 53-58mm (From Leading Edge)
Prop Size 9*5, 2blade
Recommended Battery 7.4V 1300mAh
Aileron Yes
Elevator Yes
Rudder Yes
Flaps No
Retracts No
Approx. Flying Duration 8 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation 14+
Experience Level Intermediate
Recommended Environment Outdoor
Assembly Time 30 minutes
Is Assembly Required Yes
Material Durable EPO
Package Options PNP
What you need to complete
  • 4 channel radio system
  • 2S 7.4 V 1300 mAh LiPo battery
  • Charger