Hacker New MICRO MAGIC 2020 ARTR

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A popular model of competitive RC sailboats for beginners and advanced rc yachtsmen. Meets the rules of the Micro Magic International class.

Micro Magic is suitable for all categories of modelers, from experienced sailors to beginners, who will have comparable technology available for entertainment, or for the first experience in yachting races.

For Micro Magic models, competitions are held worldwide from local to national to world championships. The model has gained popularity all over the world not only due to its sailing characteristics, but also due to its size, stowage and easy transport.

Quick kit for 2-channel
RC kit

Package Contents:

CNC machined vacuum extrusions made of ABS material - hull, cabin deck, (ARTR version - glued hull)
Injection molding parts - keel and rudder
Keel load
laser cut small parts and stand components
prepared 3D sail sizes A made of Mylar material
carbon tubes for mast and boom
small accessories
stickers with
melting instructions

RC features:

Sail settings


Technical data:

Overall length: 535mm

Width: 177mm

Overall height: 980mm

Total weight approx .: 820g

Sail area (A): 1450cm2

Glues needed to assembly (not included ) you can find on bookmark Needed to complete

1x CA glue thin
1x CA Activator